Enter Needles and Hooks into your Stash

To enter NEEDLES into your stash:
Go to the ‘NEEDLES’ screen – tap on either ‘My Needles’ bubble or tap the ‘Needles’ button at the bottom of the screen
– tap the ‘ADD‘ button at the bottom of the screen
– opens the ‘NEEDLE DETAILS’ screen where you begin entering your needle details
– the only field you must make an entry into is the ‘Needle Size’ field
– for the rest it is up to you how much information you want to add

– tap in the field ‘Select brand’ (or the > symbol)
– a drop-down list will open
– select from the list by scrolling the list OR
– start typing your brand and the list will go to that brand if it is already in the pre-filled list OR
– or you can type your needle brand into the field and click the ‘SAVE’ button – it will add this brand to your list of needle brands

– tap in the field ‘Select type'(or the > symbol)
– select your needle type: Straight | Double-pointed | Circular | Interchangeable

Needle size
– you can choose to see a list of needle sizes that is in the format: US | metric | UK
– if you enter, say, a metric needle size, then change the format to US, the equivalent needle size for a US needle will be displayed
– tap in the field at ‘Select’, OR
– use the > symbol
– a list of needle sizes are displayed – the list displayed will be for the category selected:
US | metric | UK

– tap in the field ‘Select Material’ (or the > symbol)
-from the drop-down menu you can select from the list OR
– add a new material and click ‘Save’

Needle Length
– you can choose from ‘inches’ or ‘cm’
– you can enter inches then click on cm to convert the length if you want

In use?
– you can tap this button and it will go green to indicate that these needles are in use
– it will display in the ‘My Needles’ list in a grey font – this will indicate to you that you are already using these needles

– you can make a note of which project is using these needles

Type in anything you like!

When you are finished click the ‘DONE‘ button
The My Needles screen is now displayed and the needles you have just entered are displayed in the ‘NEEDLE DETAILS’ pane

To EDIT your Needles or Hooks
– select the Needle (or Hook) in the list, that you want to Edit
– the Needle or Hook will be displayed in the Details pane at the right of the screen
– click the EDIT button, at the top of the screen
– the Needle Details screen opens (or Hooks Details screen if you are Editing a Hook)
– you can now change any detail on this screen
– when you are finished, click the Done button

To enter HOOKS into your stash:

Go to the ‘HOOKS’ screen – tap on the ‘HOOKS’ button at the bottom of the screen

Follow the instructions given above for entering and editing your Needles. The process is the same