‘Edit’ yarn details and ‘Duplicate’ a yarn entry

Now you’ve added a yarn to your Stash, I’ll cover the Edit and Duplicate function

To Edit a yarn in your Stash
– go to the My Stash screen – YARN DETAILS pane
– click the EDIT button
– the Yarn Details screen opens and all of the details for this yarn are displayed
– you can go to any field and make changes or add details you didn’t enter the last time

To Duplicate a yarn in your Stash
My thinking for having this function was for when I have the same yarn in a few different colours – it saves me from entering all the common information again
– go to the My Stash screen – Yarn Details pane
– click the DUPLICATE button
– you will only need to enter the Number of Skeins, and Colour
– all of the other fields can be changed to what suits you